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Is Tinnitus Curable - What Causes Ear Ringing

What Causes Tinnitus

Can Tinnitus be cured? This is a question many victims of this horrible condition ask. What is even more disheartening is that many of these victims, such as long-time sufferers, have grown too exhausted to scrutinize this question further. Their situation seems too grim for them to maintain hope. Unfortunately, this prostration is justifiable. I can empathize with these individuals as I was once in their shoes. Many sufferers are resorting to Tinnitus hearing aids and Tinnitus home remedies. Notwithstanding, these treatments often fail miserably and only serve to discourage the victim. Juxtaposingly, after growing confident that my Tinnitus was actually caused by repressed emotions , I thankfully began to recover from this ungodly condition. In other words, can Tinnitus go away? Yes it can. I am living proof of this. Currently, I live a quiet and peaceful life.

Before I move on any further, I must strongly emphasize that I am no doctor nor a medical professional. Consequently, you are likely asking, "Well, if you're not a professional, why the hell would I listen to you?" In fact, you probably think I am the equivalent of another snake oil salesman taking advantage of desperate people with a dubious pill. After all, the internet is plagued with these monsters. However, the study of Tension Myositis syndrome is not based on magic nor some placebo. This study is buttressed by decades worth of scientific research. Additionally, unlike some fictitious pill that promises to get rid of one's symptoms, with TMS, the victim has to put in the work. In other words, you essentially get what you put in. As mentioned previously, my Tinnitus was caused by repressed emotions. If you are anything like me, You will likely feel the emotional load within you lessen as you implement TMS teachings in your life. With that being said, I am not giving medical advice, I am simply stating my journey with Tinnitus and what I have done to cure myself.

Tinnitus and Depression

My Tinnitus began one morning after awakening. The timing felt completely arbitrary. To clarify, I had not sustained any trauma to my ears nor was I exposed to any loud noises. My Tinnitus was introduced to me completely randomly. I felt pure dread that morning. I began to educate myself on what is Tinnitus. Additionally, I began to search for a possible Tinnitus cure. Prostrated and exhausted, I initially concluded that there was no cure and that the best I can hope for are Tinnitus treatments. Subsequently, I began to search for possible Tinnitus relief. The only repose I discovered were extremely unconventional YouTube videos that contained specific sounds and pitches that were marketed as Tinnitus relief. Although this form of Tinnitus masking provided momentary relief, I personally believe this feat was nothing more than a placebo. Additionally, I have also utilized some Tinnitus medication in the form of pills. As you may have guessed, Tinnitus pills provided no relief.

After subsequent days began to pass, my dread only grew stronger. I grew angry, bitter and scared. Predictably, as my sense of fight-or-flight grew, so did my Tinnitus. I felt doomed. every morning, the first thing I would hear is the sound of my Tinnitus. Additionally, I spent my nights catastrophizing about my future. Tinnitus brings about a certain type of pain that normal people simply cannot comprehend. This seems to be the motif with chronic illnesses in general.

Eventually, I began joining Tinnitus help groups on various medias. Retrospectively, that was a mistake as those mediums are filled with people who were just as miserable and prostrated as I was. Obviously, this type of exposure will likely beget even more negativity to a person with Tinnitus. To surmise the appeal of joining said medias, like-minded individuals discuss possible Tinnitus remedies as well as personal anecdotes. Although much of the community is characterized by people searching for advice and helping others, it was also a place of despondency. People were often miserable. Retrospectively, who could blame them? Misery begets hate. People with Tinnitus feel like society refuses to acknowledge them. Despite the amount of agony this condition can bring to one's life, there are very little conversation regarding Tinnitus in our society. While the general public has the ability to live peaceful lives, people with tinnitus often suffer in silence with little help afforded to them.

On a surface level, there really is no apparent difference between a normal person and a victim of Tinnitus. If one had a sample size of 100 people and half of them had Tinnitus, chances are you would likely struggle to point out the victims accurately. Notwithstanding, these victims experience a sorrow that would be tasking to describe accurately with words. Often, when one breaks a bone, the victim receives sympathy and accommodations for their injury. When one looks at the physical damages that the victim has endured, they wince at the sufferer's pain. However, if these psychologically-induced pains were visible, that same attitude would be afforded to those who suffer chronically. Unfortunately, this is not the case and therefore many victims suffer in silence.

It does not appear as if this trend will expire anytime soon. People with chronic pain are still scrutinized in today society. It is perceived that many victim are creating fictitious chronic issues in order to ascertain exclusive privileges and sympathy. This is something I can strongly relate to as I have spoken about this before. In fact, this has happened to me with a Doctor. It is brutal to accept that even medical professionals may not be able to sympathize due to their own ignorance. Had these professionals been more aware of TMS, they may be more prepared to help people. Despite this harsh reality, the late Doctor Sarno's work may extricate us. The advantage of TMS theory is that any laymen can learn how to perform it. Essentially, one is able to heal themselves where many of modern day's professionals fail.

Tinnitus TMJ

Interestingly, during my time connecting with other victims, I have discovered that some Tinnitus sufferers also deal with TMJ. Although I do not possess any data, from my understanding, it appears that TMJ may be common to those with Tinnitus. Symbiotically, I can relate as I have suffered from both conditions in the past. As many advocates of TMS research may know, both Tinnitus and TMJ are documented symptoms of Tension Myositis Syndrome. When I first heard about this, I began to apply TMS theory into my life. By doing this, I began resolving the repressed emotions sealed within me. Eventually, both my Tinnitus and TMJ lessened more and more. I was effectively able to kill to birds with one stone. However, there are many who are not as lucky as me. These groups of people have never heard of Doctor Sarno nor his work. Thankfully, I was able to stumble upon Sarno's work relatively early in my life. There are still an unquantifiable amount of people who suffer from multiple different chronic issues and still do not understand why.

Tinnitus After Concert

During my time in these medias, I have also discovered that the Tinnitus sound one hears can be unique. Personally, my tinnitus was a high-pitched note that would play perpetually in my ear. Meanwhile, some people may describe their condition as a Tinnitus Pulsatile where they hear a thumping or pulsating sensation. Additionally, many users also attribute their tinnitus as a consequence of being exposed to very loud sounds, specifically, getting Tinnitus after going to a concert. Personally, I am skeptical of this proposition. As mentioned previously, I believe that many people's Tinnitus is caused by repressed emotion rather than trauma or structural abnormality. Once again, I need to clarify that I am not a medical professional nor am I giving advice. I am simply stating that I am skeptical of these accusations. Although I can concede that there may be cases where some Tinnitus is actually caused organically rather than psychologically, from my laymen's point-of-view, these are outliers.

The reason for me to be especially skeptical that the loud music was the cause of Tinnitus for these web-users is due to the popularity concerts. With how wildly conventional this activity is, why is there not an epidemic of people who have Tinnitus after leaving a concert? How come there is no news or warnings about direct correlations with Tinnitus and participating in concerts? How come concerts are as lucrative as ever if they cause Tinnitus? Although there are a variety of factors that can dictate how loud concerts are, such as genre of music, where one is seated, equipment and other variables, I am personally skeptical of this correlation. To clarify, I have been to a concert before. I sat fairly close to the singer as he played loud music. Conclusively, I left that stadium feeling satisfied. I did not leave the event fearing Tinnitus.

Tinnitus Earwax

Additionally, during my time with these medias, many victims have expressed that they were able to cure their Tinnitus by getting their earwax professionally removed. Personally, I am dubious to this procedure being the direct cure to their Tinnitus. From my interpretation, Doctor Sarno emphasizes that surgeries for chronic issues can be a form of placebo. For example, lets say a patient is suffering from Tendinitis due to oxygen restriction caused by repressed emotions. From my understanding, it is said that even though the patient's discomfort was brought out by oxygen deprivation, receiving surgery may actually resolve the issue despite the fact that the surgery did not address the underlying problem of oxygen deprivation.

TMS Surgery

If surgery is not the direct cause of resolution, why does it bring relief to chronic pain? Before I explain further, I need to emphasize that this is my interpretation on the matter based on my own TMS research. I am not claiming that this belief is held by anyone else. Notwithstanding, as many knowledgeable TMS sufferers understand, the unconscious mind uses chronic issues in order to distract the conscious mind from repressed emotions. However, the vogue interpretation of surgery by laymen is that this procedure is the ultimate solution for organic issues. Therefore, when one commits to surgery, the patient believes that they will be cured. Now, because the conscious mind believes that it is cured, the unconscious mind feels as if it cannot resume chronic pain in the same spot because you are less likely to believe that something is wrong with you.

Will Tinnitus go Away

To summarize, yes Tinnitus can go away. I am living proof of that. Additionally, I achieved this feat without the use of surgery, Tinnitus ear drops, or any other form of conventional relief. Although I cannot speak for others, the psychological approach introduced by Dotor Sarno has extricated me from a life of misery. While I have already expressed this TMS approach before, I will provide a brief summary of the process here. The first step is to become educated on the science of how the mind has jurisdiction over chronic pain. One must familiarize themselves with the process and how the unconscious utilizes the parasympathetic and the sympathetic systems within our bodies. The more educated on the matter one becomes, the more successful one's results should be. Secondly, utilize journaling. This medium is a priceless tool to those who suffer from TMS. Take about 15 minutes everyday to journal about things that are troubling you. In today's society, most of use do not have the time nor means of expressing how we truly feel about our circumstances. For example, say you are being scolded by your boss. Obviously, we do not have the luxury to tell them off without the risk of loosing our job. Intrinsically, we are forced to swallow that rage. Lastly, find ways to pacify yourself. People who deal with TMS are generally in a state of fight or flight. This state of mind is what encourages these symptoms to develop. Furthermore, the more stress you subject yourself to, the stronger your symptoms will grow. Although it is impossible to eliminate stress from life, we can still take some time in our day to unwind. In these times, you must clear your mind and give as little attention as possible to your TMS symptoms.

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