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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TMS pain?

Tension Myositis Syndrome, or TMS, is the condition where intense repressed emotions cause chronic pains and illnesses. An example of these psychogenic ailments would be TMS back pain.

Are You a Doctor?

I am not a doctor nor a trained professional. However, I spend a great deal of time learning about TMS. Likewise, I plan on being a psychotherapist and help those who suffer from this condition.

What is Your Experience with TMS?

I dealt with TMS for about half a decade. I was around 16 years old when this condition started. Ultimately, this suggests that the unorthodox belief that TMS can occur to those who have not yet reached adulthood is accurate. Moreover, the specific symptoms of TMS that I have experienced are Tinnitus, back pain, Tendinitis and TMJ.

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