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For half a decade, I have dealt with chronic pains including Tinnitus, back pain, Tendinitis and TMJ. Presently, it appears that medical professionals are unprepared to deal with such maladies. Numerous chronic pain patients have gone through several procedures such as surgery, acupuncture, chiropractic and other unorthodox methods to resolve their ailments. Nonetheless, many of those patients either continue to experience pain despite their procedures, begin developing chronic issues on other parts of their body, or only experience minimal relief from these procedures. The reason their methods conclude this way is due to the fact that those patient have been misdiagnosed. They have been led to believe that their ailments are physical, while in reality, they originate from repressed emotions. The goal of The Chronic Cure is to educate patients on how repressed powerful emotions cause these extreme ailments. Furthermore, after patients understand and synthesize this information, they can finally be free of their chronic ailments.


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