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Back Pain

Resolve chronic ailments by going deeper than surgery

For half a decade, I have dealt with chronic pains including Tinnitus, back pain, Tendinitis and TMJ. Presently, it appears that medical professionals are unprepared to deal with such maladies. Numerous patients have gone through several procedures such as surgery, acupuncture, chiropractic and other unorthodox methods to resolve their ailments. Notwithstanding, many of those patients either continue to experience pain despite their procedures or begin developing other chronic issues. The goal of The Chronic Cure is to educate patients on how repressed powerful emotions may be the cause of these extreme ailments.

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How Did I Cure My Chronic Pain?

Firstly, synthesize what tension myoneural syndrome is and accept that it is responsible for your chronic issues. To briefly summarize, tension myoneural syndrome is the condition where your mind causes physiological changes. This may lead to long lasting pain. Understand that your pain is caused by repressed negative emotions and that although your MRI says that you possess structural abnormalities, these irregularities are not responsible for your pain. Abnormalities are merely an opportunity for the mind to cause pain and make the aching seem plausible. Secondly, discover where these negative emotions derive from. Realize what is making your mind generate rage. To achieve this, journal everyday about your childhood and the responsibilities you are encumbered by. Also, talk about your perfectionism and your need to be approved by those around you. The last step on resolving TMS is to get out of the, "Fight or flight," mindset. Resolving this mindset is likely the most important step out of the three previous procedures. Intrinsically, people who have TMS are in fight or flight. Ultimately, this is because your mind perceives the repressed emotions you have, as well as your external environment, to be threatening. To remedy this, talk to yourself, specifically your brain. Although this may sound obscure, this method is effective. Reassure your mind that you are safe and that the emotions you hold, though unpleasant, are completely safe to experience. 
With that being said, it is important for one to keep up with our blog. Our posts provide the nuances of resolving TMS and approaches specific topics regarding this condition. We hope that you take advantage of this free content.
NOTE: I am not a doctor, nor a trained professional. I am merely a sufferer of TMS who has cured many of his chronic issues through Sarno's teaching. This article represents my best interpretation of Sarno's literature.

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